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Health Care Services / Urgent Care Services

Health Care Services:

When you or your family is in need of quality health care services, turn to a medical team that prioritizes professionalism and patience. Whether you require urgent care services or a simple employment physical, you can count on us to take great care of your health care needs! At Integrated Medical Center LLC you can rest assured knowing that we offer our health care services at a great value and kindly accept all medical insurance, including Medicare. Call on us today for speedy health care services in the Fairmount Heights, MD community!

Urgent Care Services:

Heading to an urgent care for non-emergent health care services can oftentimes help save a patient a great amount of time and money. Doing so can also help patients avoid waiting weeks for a doctor’s appointment and taking unnecessary trips to the hospital. Here at Integrated Medical Center LLC our urgent care services will help you get the treatment you need in no time. Our goal is to always provide fast and accurate services that are also affordable, so you can rest assured knowing we accept all medical insurance, including Medicare.

D.O.T Physicals / Employment Physical

D.O.T Physicals:

D.O.T. physicals are required by the Department of Transportation in order to prove that commercial drivers and safety-sensitive employees are in good physical and mental health. This type of physical may also be necessary for individuals whose jobs can impact the safety of themselves and the public. At Integrated Medical Center LLC we strive to address an array of medical concerns from urgent care services to employment physicals. Our D.O.T. exams analyze patient’s eyesight, hearing, blood pressure, and include undergoing a urinalysis as well as some other physical exams.

Employment Physical:

Some employers periodically require their future and existing employees to undergo employment physical exams. The purpose of these exams is to ensure that employees are mentally and physically fit enough to successfully perform their job duties. Our medical center is proud to be a one-stop-shop for all of your employment physical needs. From D.O.T. physicals to drug screenings, our team is ready to help. We always strive to provide highly professional health care services and we kindly accept all medical insurance, including Medicare.

Blood Draw, Drug Screening, and Breath Alcohol Testing

When you need to provide your doctor with bloodwork or other labs, save time and money by heading to our certified medical center. We provide our patients with affordable blood draw services that are oftentimes required in order to obtain more in depth results in less time. Our professional staff always puts patient care first and has many years of experience working in an array of medical fields. From getting blood drawn to completing employment physicals, our urgent care team can do it all. For quality health care services in Fairmount Heights, MD call on us!

Hair Folicle Testing

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